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NOON TIL 6 PM Weekends
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Sunday Oct 2nd
On the 27th year passing of Michael Baranyk Oct 2nd, 1995, Olive Korosil's father
   Our prayers and sympathy go out to Olive and her family.

Sunday Sept 25th
-- Mnohaya Lita to Jocelyn Palidwor celebrating her 90th birthday this week Sept 19th.

Sunday Sept 18th
-- Mnohaya Lita to Ava Duma celebrating her 1st birthday this week.
   Daughter of Keith & Michelle Duma, Granddaughter of Father Taras and Marika Kowch.

Sunday Sept 11th
-- On the 40th year passing of Daniel Capiak Sept 12th, 1982, Taras Tataryn's grandfather
   Our prayers and sympathy go out to Taras's family.

Sunday Aug 28th
-- On the passing of Clarence Kozie Aug 25th, 2020
   Our prayers and sympathy go out to Clarence's family and friends.
Sunday July 3rd
-- For the repose of the soul of John Ruta passed away 10 years ago July 1, 2012
   Our prayers and sympathy go out to Mary, family and friends.

Sunday June 26th
-- Blessing of the two new Icons.  Mother of Mercy and Jesus I Trust In You.
   Donated In Memory Of, Victor Kozak, Harry Palidwor, Tom Meally and Murray Holland.

Sunday June 19th
-- For the repose of the soul of Anna Tracz passed away 19 years ago June 14, 2003
   Mother and Mother-in-law of Marika and Father Taras Kowch
   Our prayers and sympathy go out to Anna's family and friends.
-- Blessings to all Fathers on Father's Day !!!

Sunday June 12th

-- For the repose of the soul of Maria Kowch passed away years ago,
   Mother of Father Taras Kowch
Sunday June 5th
-- A special blessing for Father Taras Kowch celebrating his 25th anniversary of being
   ordained a priest June 7th, 1997. Mnohaya Lita Father Taras.

Sunday May 29th

-- For the repose of the soul of Kurt Karl Ferworn passed Dec 8th, 2021
   Grandfather of Keith (Michelle) Duma
-- Prayers for Ukraine and the refugees arriving in Canada and around the world.
-- Mnohaya Lita to Gerry Palidwor celebrating his 65th birthday Fri, May 27th.
Sunday May 22nd
Sunday May 15th
Sunday May 8th
-- A prayer and special blessing for all Mothers on Mother's Day !!!
Sunday May 1st
-- For the repose of the soul of George Van Heake from Philadelphia.
    Our prayers and sympathy go out to his family and friends.
-- Mnohaya Lita to Theresa Syganiec celebrating her birthday today.

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Regular Liturgy Service Every Sunday 10:30 AM
English Service With Traditional Ukrainian Hymns

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